Everybody loves Dali

Salvador Dali

WALLACE: Do you, do you enjoy yourself as you live. Do you like yourself? You think - you say that you are a genius. Certainly you have had...
DALI: I enjoy my life every day more.
WALLACE: You do...
DALI: Every week more. Because of Sir Dali - and my admiration for Dali is becoming tremendous.
WALLACE: Yes, What kind of dreams do you have? What are they about, Dali?
DALI: Every time is very agreeable and creative. The last dreams is about the anti-matter angels. Perhaps for five months only dream about archangels, angels, kings and the most beautiful spectacular.
WALLACE: You seem to be a mild-mannered man. Are you?
DALI: I don't understand - mild?
WALLACE: Are you, are you a mild man? Are you a pleasant man to deal with? Are you a friendly man? You seem to be a mild man.
DALI: Everybody love Dali very much.
WALLACE: Everybody loves Dali.
/From THE MIKE WALLACE INTERVIEW, Guest: Salvador Dali, 4/19/58./
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