Kevadine Navaratri

Hindudel on algamas Kevadine Navaratri. Kirjutasin Navaratritest - nii kevadisest kui ka sügisesest - põhjalikult aasta tagasi siin. Tänavu on kevadine jumalanna(de), kõige Ema austamine 27. märtsist 2. aprillini.

Saraswati - üks kolmest...

Päevade tähendused:

KALI / DURGA: The first three days are devoted to Kali/ Durga, the Goddess of Destruction and Restoration, wife of Shiva; it is a time of purification, a time to let go, and "clean out your closets" to make way for new things.
Day One: Sailaputra - Daughter of the Himalayas.
Day Two: Brahmacharini - The celibate.
Day Three: Chandraghanta - Beautiful as the Moon.

LAKSHMI: The second three days are devoted to Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, wife of Vishnu; it is a time of preservation and taking care of things or acquiring what is necessary to make your life full of prosperity and fulfillment.
Day Four: Kusmanda - Bringer of happiness.
Day Five: Skandamata - Mother of Skanda, the leader of armies against evil.
Day Six: Katyayani - Aspect of Mother Kali.

SARASWATI: The last three days are devoted to Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and the Arts, wife of Brahma - a time of receiving divine guidance on how to properly use all resources sent your way.
Day Seven: Kalaratri - Kali, Night of no Moon.
Day Eight: Mahagauri - The Great White Goddess.
Day Nine: Siddhidatri - Goddess of great spiritual powers and knowledge.

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